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Maintaining high coaching standards is important to Céline. Coaching for her, is not just about helping clients find solutions, it is about a deeper experience, a transformation, that will provoke a lasting change. As such, she is also a Mentor-Coach to coaches who are looking to prepare for their International Coach Federation ACC or PCC credential, or the renewal of their credential.

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intoaction also offers retreats for individuals who want to go deeper in their personal development and metamorphosis. This is a breathing space – where participants dive into an inner journey to create a life of deeper meaning, contribution, and fulfilment.

We offer an environment that will enable answers to emerge by simply reconnecting to their self, surrounded and inspired by soul-soothing nature, over several days.

How intoaction gives back

Every year intoaction makes a donation to an organization that inspires us in the way they are making a difference.

Organizations we have donated to in the past:
Mai Am Tre Xanh

(Green bamboo project) is an orphanage based in Ho Chi Minh for boys from the age of 8 to 16 years old. These boys live in the streets of the city, prior to finding a home at Mai Am Tre Xanh. The shelter offers them education, food, and a sense of community. A number of boys will attend vocational schools to become chefs, car mechanics, or waiters. Very often when the boys leave the orphanage to start earning an income, they are asked to come back to the orphanage to inspire and serve as role models for the younger boys. They are also encouraged to give back to Mai Am Tre Xanh, by cooking meals at the orphanage, for example.
intoaction is inspired by the entrepreneurial mindset of the director of the orphanage, who over the years, has always found innovative ways to find funds to keep the orphanage open, such as starting a take out restaurant and offering food delivery to office buildings nearby.


During the Covid Crisis of 2020, intoaction offered webinars to individuals and corporations. All proceeds from the webinars were donated to Mind BLMK. This charity works across several communities in England and Wales to support positive mental health and wellbeing. It offers advice and support to anyone with a mental health problem. The charity also runs campaigns to improve services and raise awareness around mental health.

The Covid 19 virus resulted in feelings of isolation, anxiety and helplessness for many. This led to over double the number of people using Mind BLMK’s services. intoaction was inspired by the determination and sense of purpose of Mind BLMK to respond to the needs of their clients who were seeking support during these very challenging and uncertain times.

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