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Uncertainty and complexity are also an opportunity for significant transformation. Although at intoaction we had been working virtually with clients since inception, spring 2020 was the time to add a new offering to respond to new needs of our clients globally and help them navigate a period of significant upheaval.

intoaction had the agility and curiosity to understand new client needs and develop solutions that would equip them with tools to feel more confident in an ever-changing environment.

Upcoming Live Virtual Workshops

January 2020 Wednesday Workshop Series – 2021: Happiness by Design

As we close out a most unusual year, we invite you step into 2021 with the resolve to make it a year of happiness.  The last months have made us acutely aware of the fact we control very little around us.  We do however control our mindset, behaviors, and how we choose to show up.  All of this contributes to our sense of wellbeing.

Bring all your 2020 learnings, the discovery of your superpowers, your renewed inspiration and together we will ignite …. a memorable 2021 for you.

Join us for this weekly 4-part virtual journey that will get you into action. 

(Re)Discovering your sources of happiness     Wednesday 6 Jan 2021
Playing with your superpowers                           Wednesday 13 Jan 2021
Happiness as a way of being                                Wednesday 20 Jan 2021
Sustainable positivity                                             Wednesday 27 Jan 2021

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January 2020 Weekend Workshops- Coping to Thriving Series

In an ever-faster pace of change and uncertainty, it is normal to feel like you are barely coping and to experience a loss of meaning. The shift from coping to thriving  is subtle and requires only a slight change in mindset. Gift yourself the time and space that will remind you how to thrive.

Coping to Thriving Outcomes

Join us for this 3-part virtual journey that will get you into action. 

Mastering the art of change    Sunday 10 Jan 2021
Reconnecting to meaning       Sunday 17 Jan 2021
Transforming your mindset    Sunday 24 Jan 2021

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The value of partnering with us:


Creation of a community where individuals help each other to find answers to the questions they have, in a collaborative way


Participants can bring their challenges into the virtual room in all safety


Greater understanding of the personal beliefs, fears, pressures and aspirations that might be hindering or helping the current situation


Deriving an inspiring action plan that will help participants move from where they are to where they want to be

Virtual Case Studies

step into the possibilities created by virtual connection

Discover how connecting virtually can be a space of safety, exploration, creativity, learning and trust.

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